Our Long-Term Vision

We work to change

global systems from the

bottom-up through

individual behavioral change.


We build technology founded on the values of open-source collaboration and cooperative ownership of our own carbon metrics.

We are a fast-growing globally distributed team of volunteers. 


We co-create.

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From Individual...

We intend to support eager individuals with their shift of mindset and by unburdening them and their communities on the journey. 

...to global impact
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In the long term, we want to contribute to driving system change. System Change is necessary to break our current narrative of the relationship between our economies, our societies and our planet. 

We can't afford to do this any longer - so we are creating a system to enable the transition to an impact currency by designing technology that can account for the impacts of individuals on our collective commons.

There are many impacts to an exchange, but there are few metrics clearer or more urgent than carbon. This is where we start. ​