Our Growing Global Community

Our Ecosystem

We are an inclusive global Creation Collective with agile management principles, virtually accessible from anywhere.

We stretch from having a co-created long term vision and ethos, to also be geared towards focussed short-term action. 


Any profit is fed back into the system to create a greater scale and a better product to help bring about a more sustainable world.

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Our Collaboration Principles

Collaboration principles are the principles and values by which we all agree to abide when working on InnerPlanet.

These principles can encourage specific behaviors, guide how we create our internal working processes, and create a common language and method of interaction. 

1. Transparency including: proactive honesty, feedback, being upfront about your thoughts and ideas.

2. Compassion including: empathy, attempting at all times to hear and understand the other side, respect, recognizing differences in working styles and communication styles.

3. Mission-driven focus on the values and aims, ensure this is at the forefront of every decision and action.

4. Trust intentions by believing in the ability of those around you, give others autonomy recognizing that feeling autonomous is imperative for personal motivation and collective success.

5. Clarify with clear communication to ensure alignment.

6. Respect

(a) of others’ ideas as scaring away ideas hurts creativity and innovation;

(b) for others’ manners of communication as it is likely different from ours and doing so will bring about more ideas and help us all learn more about ourselves and the world.

7. Connect with each other – not everything is about work – because we want a world where human connection is prioritized and given room to grow.

8. Constructive Critique and Challenge to deepen and further ideas, and to promote a culture of questioning and challenging ourselves, and to never be settled with the status quo.

9. Openness and Honesty because an open world includes everyone – and creates a world for all of us.