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Marion Grahek is a Class of 2019 graduate and founding class member at Minerva Schools at KGI, an innovative university working to redesign the structure of higher education by incorporating technology and the science of learning. Grahek received her Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences: Earth Systems and took supplementary courses on Social Economy, the broad study of the intersection of the environment, politics, economics, and society. Her thesis focused on the role of organic agriculture in adapting to climate change, land degradation, and drought in India, taking her on a journey by plane, trains, and rickshaws through five states in India between February 2018-2019

Grahek is currently based in Los Angeles but met team member Rafe Bertram in London in Fall 2018 when they bonded over a passion to create systemic change for a more sustainable future through inspiring individual behavior change encouraged through well-designed nudges towards a carbon-neutral life system. 



Anna Marie Byrne is a ventilation design engineer for a company specialising in Passive House design and a qualified Passive House Designer.  Also a mum to two children.

​"In November 2015, I wondered what the remaining carbon budget came to as a per person figure and whether we, as a family, were within that budget.  Also, I wanted an app, or at least a spreadsheet, to work out how to best spend that budget. After a fair bit of googling I had not found anything on personal carbon budgets so this is the product of the research I did to find answers."



Rafe Bertram is an Architect and is passionate about design that makes a difference to the world’s most pressing issues. He’s been involved in sustainability, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration his whole career. 

Always wanting to extend the reach of environmental issues beyond the built environment, he made a clunky personal carbon tracker in 2003 which was useful but not very successful. Since then, the pressure to create an evolution of this has grown and grown, and has tried in several ways to make this happen. He was very excited to join up with volunteers Anna Marie, Peter, Hal, Tiare, Gabi and Ashley. Together they realised that something big could happen…



Tiare Ferguson has spent the majority of her career in strategic partnership development for multiparty co-innovation between and amongst startups and corporations. This includes licensing, channel partnerships, acquisition, joint development agreements, startup spinouts, and internal corporate innovation. She has been working to develop product-level carbon emissions solutions since the fall of 2015.  Tiare holds a BA in Public Policy and MBA in sustainable management.



Peter Land is an environmental scientist and Tai Chi teacher with a longstanding interest in eco-building (especially Passivhaus), impact reduction and carbon numeracy. When Anna Marie first asked me to help with her idea of a lifetime carbon budget to me in 2016 I leapt at the chance, and together we developed the Personal Carbon Tracker spreadsheet. There followed a few fallow years in development terms during which I used the PCT heavily to guide my life choices. Now it's taking off again thanks to Rafe, but the commitments that followed from those choices leave me with almost no time to help with the exciting new developments - how frustrating! For the moment I'm a highly-motivated onlooker.



Bryan Ho is an Architecture student at the University of Cambridge. I am very interested in architecture's role in the wider urban realm and I believe that the basis of design should be grounded in research and relation to context. 

For this reason, I believe there is much more scope for digital technology to enable the built environment to operate in a much more sustainable way, and this project is one step towards that. 


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