InnerPlanet is creating the 'fitbit for the environment'

through open source collaboration to

build technology to enable and empower individuals

to reduce their environmental footprint.

We start with Carbon.


Voluntary Group Seeking to Co-create 'Full World Economics'

In all exchanges, externalities are ignored.

We can't afford to do this any longer so we are creating a system to enable the transition to an impact currency by designing technology which can account for the impacts of individuals on our collective commons.


Biodiversity loss, plastic waste, social inequality, and greenhouse gas emissions are all impacts [IMPS] of individual action which create

carbon upping [USHIFTS] in the systems of our global commons.

Collective action is built on individual behavior,

behavior which fuels the IMPS in our world.

Metrics to evaluate such IMPS are varied, not yet existent, or highly debated 


except: carbon.


We have a global planetary boundary for carbon emissions [thanks to the IPCC and countless contributors].


If we have a global boundary, we have an individual boundary


which can inform the threshold beneath which

to max our individual and collective IMPS.

The InnerPlanet Project uses technology to

show us the effects from the aggregate IMPS of our individual behavior,

automating data collation and creating visualizations demonstrating

our IMPS and USHIFTS in a broadly accessible format...

to then inspire individual action and behavioral change to create

DSHIFTS: carbon drawdown shifts.


All seamlessly tracked in one interface. 

Please join our collaborative adventure in building the technological infrastructure to enable individuals to change the result of our IMPS.


We are what we co-create,

Let's co-create carbon drawdown.



The InnerPlanet Project 


create the change you want to see

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