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Day 1: Hack Your Data

The Urban Innovation Institute

1 Sekforde St, Farringdon, London EC1R 0BE

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Join us in the InnerPlanet Global Launch as we kick-off the London Climathon at the Urban Innovation Center!

How do we convert the actions of individuals and communities to measured impacts (what we call ‘IMPs’)?


Our Goal:

Can you understand your data consumption, the impact of your everyday choices, your remaining CO2 allowance, and how your individual action fits within a broader system?


Join us to learn about the InnerPlanet concept, vision, and how we co-create a transformative technology through open collaboration, a technology to enable and empower each of us to understand our impacts from our actions. Let’s gather, as committed contributors, as data experts, software developers, technologists, product managers, energy experts, retailers, financial service specialists, and particularly ‘builders’: individuals committed to building this technology collectively.

We are looking for: 

Everyone interested, data experts, designers, programmers (swift, java, C~), database experts, product owners (coordinate stakeholders, managing interactions and coding backlog), software developers, API experts, technologists, product managers, energy providers, retailers, transport sector specialists, financial service specialists... 

The brief: 

We want to create IMPS (impact data) from actions (e.g. home energy, mobile phone location tracking, transport, grocery shopping) to seamlessly link our actions to the carbon emissions we generate - without having to think about it. Can we define the interdependence between actions and impacts? How do we further develop better carbon calculations and predictions? Join us in investigating these questions through co-creation workshops. 

The output:

A roadmap to tangible solutions. Teams of ‘builders’ who will cowork to create the necessary pieces of the puzzle for seamless integration of data tracking and integration with visualizations. Steps to product wireframes, a live application, the back-end integration. All through open-source collaboration.

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