DAY 1234 Front.jpg

Day 1-4: Code Your Future

Co-Create, Innovate, Iterate, Integrate


Venues throughout London from Friday Oct 25th- Monday Oct 28th, participation live or virtual! 

Are you committed to participating for some portion of each day of the London Climathon? Let us know! 

Our Goal:

We want to curate the best environments possible for effective and efficient co-creation. We secured fantastic venues for each day of the event, but as is always true, each venue has a maximum capacity. We know not all registered attendees can commit to all day of each Climathon event, but we also know some attendees are committed to contributing their efforts for the duration of the Climathon in whatever capacity they are able. To ensure we are using our venues to the maximum capacity (allowing all interested contributors participate live), we want to know who those committed “builders” are we can provide clear information on how you can continuously loop into the Climathon, whether for the whole day or segments for co-working as suits your availability and the venue capacity. 

We are looking for:

CODE YOUR FUTURE: London Builders 

CODE YOUR FUTURE: Virtual Builders

The output:

is a co-created consolidation & integration of produced and presented materials on Monday, Oct 28th, our first Interdependence Day!