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Day 3: Hack Your City

The Hub, Foster + Partners

Riverside, 22 Hester Rd, Battersea, London SW11 4AN

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Join us on the third day of the London Climathon at Foster+Partners!

How do we innovate our global exchange ecosystem and create the future ‘Impact Ecosystem’?

Our Goal:

During the day, kick-started by a panel talk, made out of inspiring politicians, researchers, economists, psychiatrists, academics and architects - from Oxbridge to the LSE, the British Council to the BBC - you will see yourselves paired up with fellow students from Cambridge, Imperial, Kings, UCL, AA, CSM, KGI and more, to tackle the great urban challenges of today and tomorrow.

How do we power our cities?

How do we make best use of the technologies available to us? How do we build for true, circular sustainability? How do we localise our food supply chains? How do we figure out new, less bureaucratic political systems where decision making becomes actively participatory?

These, among many others, are the questions we will aim to answer on the day. This is your chance to meet people who think like you - people to learn from, people to create with - in an unprecedented gathering of creativity and design hacking.

We are looking for: Students and recent Graduates of all kinds - policy makers, financiers, engineers, scientists, architects, designers, writers...

The Brief:

Using modelmaking, drawing, and digital tools, your team will come up by the end of the day with a 2030 City Proposal, pitched to the panel, your fellow creators and a series of potential investors in a 'mega-crit' style presentation.

The Output:

4 giant ‘city hack’ proposals in teams of 16 for 2030 London, produced by 64 participants, pitched to our London and San Francisco Panels.

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