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Day 2: Hack Your App

The Health Foundry

Canterbury House, 1 Royal St, Lambeth, London SE1 7LL

Remote access from everywhere

Design. Iterate. Integrate. Interface.


Join us on the second day of the London Climathon at The Health Foundry!

Question: How can we track our ‘impacts’ and create a platform for change? 

Our Goal:

Create an app and platform which seamlessly integrates data on individual actions into impacts into an ‘InnerPlanet’ visualization. How do we create an interface which gathers, educates and stimulates us?


We are looking for:

Everyone & anyone! Figuring out the best design for an interface requires insights from all types of people who might interact with that interface. We welcome all individuals interested in learning more about the InnerPlanet collective work thus far and contributing to figure out how we can progress this work...and actually even produce the next iteration! Visualisers, Designers, Branding Specialists, Scientists, Academics, and all other technical-creatives looking to join in on this design endeavor! Children welcome too.

The Brief: 

In working teams, surrounded by coders, software engineers, internet genius, activists and more, we will co-brainstorm, draft and create a holistic platform which enables efficient, seamless and interactive understanding and tracking of our carbon emissions - in every choice we make.

The Output:

The framework for the app and platform, coded and running.

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