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InnerPlanet is creating the 'fitbit for the environment' through open source collaboration to build technology to enable and empower individuals to reduce their environmental footprint.

We start with Carbon.


The InnerPlanet community uses technology to demonstrate the effects of the aggregate impacts of our individual and communal behavior, automating data collation and creating visualizations demonstrating our effect if everyone lived this way. This is to inspire individual action and empower behavior change​. 


The app serves as a means to transition towards an impact currency by designing technology that can account for the impacts of individuals on our collective commons.

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What if there was a way of being more definite about the connection between individual, community, corporate, national and government emissions?

Lots of this exists, but it is not something that communicates well yet. With InnerPlanet, we intend to aid by facilitating the required shift of mindset/ behaviour change and by unburdening individuals and communities on the journey. 

We all play a part in creating a livable world - for ourselves, for others, and for our children. We want to empower you with the knowledge and feedback to make decisions to do this. 


We are co-creating an app to help you assess your footprint, and seamlessly calculate your carbon usage to visualize the world you are making. 


The application aims to engage people in assessing their impacts on the global commons to make more planet-friendly choices based on their global responsibility. 

Your Life 

You feed your InnerPlanet data of your day-to-day activities to reveal your actual carbon impacts - manually first, seamless and dynamic later. 

Our Impact

It then extrapolates the data to predict the kind of world that is being created if everyone else was to live in a comparable way. 

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A rendered gorgeous mini ‘inner planet’ illustrates the world you are creating.


Future Feedback

Through this 'feedback from the future’ - everyone feels connected, briefed and excited to make the transition to creating the world we want.


InnerPlanet is a voluntary co-creation collective building our carbon tracker technology through open-source collaboration. Our team is currently globally distributed between Europe and the United States.